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10 Reasons Why You Should Always Sleep Naked

You'll Air Yourself Out

You've kept your sensitive bits under wraps all day, and now they need a bit of airing out. According to The Sex Drive Solution for Women, airing out your genitals can prevent bacteria from hosting a party down there. While it's most beneficial for women, men can have the same benefit as well.

Your Temperature Will Be Just Right

It turns out, your body needs to be cooler while you sleep. The National Sleep Foundation insists that our bodies decrease in temperature through the night. Wearing warm pajamas only stalls what your body was meant to do.

You Could Lose Weight

When your body is cooler during sleep, your cells have to work a bit harder to keep you at the optimum temperature. Because of that, your metabolism gets fired up, possibly helping you lose weight.

You'll Have More Sex

Without barriers like pajama bottoms to get in your way, you're a lot more likely to initiate sex. Not to mention the fact that you'll probably feel a lot sexier when you're laying around in the buff.

You'll Save Money

By sleeping naked, you're knocking out an entire clothing category that you no longer have to buy. Skip the pajama department and pocket the cash instead.

You'll Fall Deeper In Love

Swedish researchers have found that skin-to-skin contact can increase oxytocin, making you feel more connected to the one you're sleeping next to. Don't forget to spoon!

You Won't Get Tangled Up

While you still have sheets to contend with, sleeping naked eliminates the chance of getting your limbs tangled up in your clothes every time you toss and turn.

You'll Be Cleaner

When you sleep with clothes on, you body temperature is higher. That means you sweat a lot less when you sleep naked, so you wake up feeling fresher. You could even skip that morning shower.

You'll Have Healthier Sperm

Heat can wreak havoc on your sperm count. Just like experts say that you shouldn't strap down your junk in warm tighty-whities, they also say that about pajamas. According to the National Sleep Foundation, it's better to free-ball it.

You'll Look Better

It turns out, when you sleep naked, your lower body temperature will help regulate growth hormones. That'll prevent aging, according to WebMD. Going commando will also air out skin to prevent acne.

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