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Lets get to work people!

By Limitless - Change your habits and see how they change you.

1. Being an early riser. Try waking up, at least, an hour earlier than your usual routine. It will give you enough time to plan things well and ensure that you have time for everything, without the need to postpone tasks. Most successful entrepreneurs wake up really early as it gives them time to do so much more than usual. Apple CEO, Tim Cook wakes up at 4.30 every morning and starts sending company emails.


2. Sweating it out. Burning some calories on a daily basis is quite essential to your fitness and morning is the best time to exercise. Most successful people make it a point to indulge in some form of physical activity to burn calories and stay healthy. Chase Garbarino, the CEO of VentureApp and the former CEO of Streetwise Media does a high-intensity workout every morning to keep himself fit and spend some quality time with his wife.


3. Taking a nice, long shower. Most people crack the biggest ideas in the bathroom. After all,Archimedes discovered buoyancy while bathing in his bathtub. Apart from the common health benefits, a nice, long shower is an excellent way to relax and prepare for a tough day ahead. There are high chances of you getting the next big idea while showering.

Bob Vila


4. Never skipping breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It provides your body the exact set of nutrients it requires for starting the day on a good note. Moreover, eating a good breakfast also helps you stay full till lunch time and prevents mindless snacking. Since you keep away from junk, you tend to be healthier and more alert throughout the day.


5. Catching up on the news. Successful people make it a point to catch up on current affairs and know what’s happening around them. They read newspapers and magazines every morning or watch the news on TV. If you wish to be successful as well, it’s essential to know what’s trending in the country because it could make a huge difference to your work.


6. Making a to-do list. Never start your day without making a to-do list. It gives you a clear idea of what you need to accomplish by the end of the day and prevents you from losing focus. It also helps ensure that you don’t leave any important task pending and attend to everything that’s on priority.


7. Seeing what competitors are up to. While working on your projects, it’s equally important to keep an eye on what your competition is up to. Only if you’re aware of their plans will you be able to be better than them.Therefore, keeping a watch on your rivals is something you should do every morning. Go through their social media handles and ensure that you’re doing better than them.


8. Spending some quality time with family. Most successful people start their day by spending some quality time with their family. Whether it’s while having breakfast together or discussing something else, spending time together is the key. Apart from helping you build a better bond with them, it helps take the stress away from you.



9. Visualizing a successful day. Before stepping out to work, it’s essential to prepare yourself mentally for a productive and successful day ahead. If you trick your mind into believing that you’ll have a great day ahead, the chances of it actually happening increase. It gives a positive boost to your morale, and you feel prepared to face all challenges. Source: LimitLess -Hymer

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