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Critics brutally took down 'Batman v Superman' — here are the problems they had with it

The movie finds no joy in itself.

This version of Superman isn't likable.

This is Henry Cavill's second time playing the character, following 2013's "Man of Steel," and many critics have been turned off by a Kal-El who seems more jaded than how we've seen the character portrayed in the past. "I would have given anything to watch Clark Kent open up his shirt, to reveal that big 'S,' then go off to save the day as the music swells. But this Superman isn't that Superman,"Uproxx writes. The New York Post believes, "Cavill is stuck with a character who spends far too much time reacting to others, whether it's to Batman's taunts or the romantic overtures of Lois Lane (Amy Adams)." Meanwhile, the Chicago Tribune thinks Cavill is "as narcissistic a Superman as you'll ever see."

Director Zack Snyder is more interested in blowing things up than telling a story.

The movie is frustratingly confusing and doesn't go anywhere.

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