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Dramatic photo shows massive shark dangerously close to surfers “It was chasing fish around,” Knoppert told “At one point, a big fish jumped up in front of it. I didn’t get that shot, unfortunately.” The photographer  told The West Australian they estimated the shark being 11- to 13-feet long. “It was a bit of a rush for them, and their girlfriends were happy they were out of the water,” Knoppert told The West Australian. “The anxiety or the nervousness of seeing a shark so close, I think they were all pretty happy to get out. They were paddling hard.” RELATED: Great white shark breaches behind surfer riding wave in amazing photo And for good reason. Last month there were two fatal shark attacks in Western Australia, so these surfers weren’t about to stick around. “One of the guys was gesturing with his hands the size of the fin,” Knoppert told PerthNow. “Another guy said he was going to buy a lottery ticket.” The shark disappeared from sight once the surfers were on dry land. One of them went to nearby Tom’s Break to tell three people to get out of the water, warning of the shark’s presence. By Grind TV Source: Grind TV -Hymer

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