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GoPro: Two Roads with Kristian Ipsen Ep. 2 - Diving

Gopro series, Two Roads, is back with another fantastic short documentary about DIVING.

"On Episode 2 of Two Roads, Diver Kristian Ipsen walks us through the intricacies of executing the perfect dive and the mental strength it takes to bounce back from failure. The next Episode of "Two Roads" will feature Fencer Miles Chamley-Watson, premiering Tuesday, May 3." Gopro ABOUT THE SERIES: Two Roads “Two Roads” is a 9-part original series that follows nine athletes and one coach who have made the commitment to pursue greatness. Each episode will showcase an athlete’s unique journey within their sport, and truly define the life-changing moments that led them to the path they currently walk. “Two Roads” features the stories of athletes Bob and Mike Bryan, Britney Henry, Kristian Ipsen, Carlin Isles, Trenten Merrill, Casey Patterson, Allison Stokke, Miles Chamley-Watson, and Coach Liang Chow." Gopro

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