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The most powerful camera in deep space just sent 1,000 more pics back to Earth

FURTHER READINGMars may have once had lots of moons, but soon it will be down to just one The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has now completed about 50,000 orbits around Mars, taken nearly 250,000 images, and returned nearly 300 terabits of data about the planet to Earth. It has survived well past its original 5.5-year mission, which was supposed to end in late 2010. As the 62.4-kg camera comes up on its 10th anniversary around Mars, the team of HiRISE scientists just released 1,000 new images showing a variety of Martian features, such as dunes, gullies, craters, polar regions and more. We've culled some of the best images, each of which links back to a page where you can see exactly where on the planet the image captures, as well as other details. Original Article By ERIC BERGER Listing Images By NASA/JPL/University of Arizona Source: Ars Technica -Hymer

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