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We now know Daenerys’ exact chances of taking Westeros, thanks to this medieval scholar

By HelloGiggles - Daenerys’ plan (just like, y’know, everyone else’s plan on GoT) is to take Westeros for herself. She believes it’s rightfully hers, and should be under Targaryen rule — and now, it seems like she’s closer than ever to bringing that plan to fruition, at least in theory. Her dragons are all back at her side, and they’re something nobody else has. With the Unsullied, the Dothraki, and Tyrion also with her as a strategic guidance, it seems like she has good chances — but just how good? That’s where The Economist‘s Carolyne Larrington comes in.


Basically, here’s what needs to happen. Dany needs to DELEGATE. Missandei needs to be trained to speak to the dragons, in case something is happening and they need to be given orders while our flaxen queen is too busy. Because the Dothraki and Unsullied don’t really get along, even though they’re both fighting for the same cause, they should be kept separately.

Recruitment to a network of Red Priests and Priestesses, who proclaim Daenerys as the legendary messianic figure Azor Ahai, is underway. However, this cult – based in the neighbouring continent of Essos – has limited purchase in Westeros itself. Therefore, a pre-invasion propaganda initiative is to be spearheaded by Daenerys’s advisor Lord Varys in the southern Seven Kingdoms. Veeeeerrrry interesting. It sounds like they’re already planning ahead for her projected takeover!
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